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Dear Friends,


Welcome to Hangang Network.


We, a handful of Koreans and foreigners,formed HN out of the necessity
for bringing people together for common goals.


The highly connected world also makes us ableto choose the like-minded people for interaction.
That inevitably createsdivisions in the society, which would lead to serious issues.
The best cure isto organize people around doing something good for the society.
Any good deedwe do together is great, be it much needed charity or simply chatting to learnabout one another.


Hangang Network, therefore, strives toeducate, empower and enact individuals to foster a coherent society that iswell aware of each other. We are the glue for a dividing society.


Our current programs span from lectures totrips, round table discussions to academic conferences and book clubs. Theseare just initial offerings and will grow with you, for you. Your ideas andcontributions are most welcome!


If you are up for sharing experiences,learning new things, making more friends, contributing to our society, beingpart of a change for the better World, you’re at the right place.


Because Hangang Network is built just to doall those. With you at the center.


Please come join us, be part of the solution.


Hangang Network  Executive Director  Han Jun(한 준)